2019 Perth Fair

Fri Aug 30th - Mon Sept 2nd
174th Anniversary

2019 Women's Organizations

This year's theme is "Celebrating our Heritage"

Entries on this page require tags

Please note Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully.

Information: Jo-Anne James 613-267-6192


  • Open to all Church Organizations, Service Clubs and Organized Groups in Lanark Cty. Fair office needs to be notified by Aug 1st if you are exhibiting. 613-267-4104
  • All exhibits must be in place between 6:30p.m. and 9:30p.m. on Thursday August 29, 2019 ready for judging Fri. August 30, 2019.
  • EXHIBITS CANNOT BE PICKED UP PRIOR TO 4:00 P.M. ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 2019 (or prize money will be forfeited).
  • ALL GROUPS must display a banner. Banners not to be displayed until after judging.
  • All articles called for must be displayed. Exhibits will be judged on a point system based on first five placings. In case of a tie a similar ribbon will be given to each.
  • $20.00 will be given to each organization.
  • Please submit a sample of material (S.M.A.) or a sample of yarn (S.Y.A.) as requested.
  • No straight pins to be used.
  • The exhibit judged to be the most colour coordinated to the theme will receive $20.00 donated by the Perth Fair.


  1. One small hand knit dishcloth made with cotton yarn - SMA/SYA - Label from yarn to be included
  2. Three tea buscuits made with butter - Displayed on a disposable plate, in a zip lock bag. Recipe included
  3. Photo of a cow or cows - 5" x 7" mounted on bristol board - Total size not to exceed 8" x 10". Breed or breeds specified
  4. Handmade heirloom item with its story attached - Story may include who made it, age of article and other interesting history or information
  5. Dollar store gift basket -

    I.e All items included in the basket or container are purchased from the dollar store

    Any basket or suitable container may be used. Entire size of gift not to exceed 12" in any direction. If using wrap, please make it easy to open for judging. To be judged on colour co-oridnation, creativity and imagination.

  6. Best Penmanship -

    Handwritten recipe using butter or milk

    Not to exceed one page of 8.5" x 11"

  7. Homemade chocolate cake, iced -

    Recipe to be included

    1/4 of the cake to be displayed on a disposable plate in a zip lock bag.