2017 Perth Fair

Fri Sept 1st - Mon Sept 4th
172nd Anniversary

2016 Seed & Grain

Entries on this page require tags
Please note the Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully.

All exhibits in this class must be in place between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Thursday September 1, 2016 in the Agricultural Tent, ready for judging. When “Variety” is asked for it should be written on the portion of the entry tag that will be concealed until after judging is completed. Seed and Grain must have been grown by the exhibitor during the current year. More than one entry may be shown in each section, provided it is a DISTINCT NAMED VARIETY. A father and son or 2 or more persons working a farm in partnership may make one entry only in a section. When “Sheaf” is called for, Sheaf must be at least 3" in diameter at centre and corn must contain 12 stalks. Sheaves less than 3" will be disqualified.

PRIZE MONEY - 1 to 12
1st $10.00, 2nd $8.00, 3rd $6.00, 4th $4.00, 5th $2.00

PRIZE MONEY - 13 to 16
1st $25.00, 2nd $20.00, 3rd $15.00, 4th $10.00, 5th $5.00


  1. Oats 10 lbs. -NAMED
  2. Barley 2 row 10 lbs. -NAMED
  3. Barley 6 row 10 lbs. -NAMED, 1st prize $10.00 & 2 units Barley - Dodds & Erwin Ltd
  4. Corn silage 6 ears on foil plate
  5. Grain Corn ensilage Sheaf -12 stalks - Pioneer Seeds - Rennie Carley
  6. Corn ensilage -12 stalks, Variety named, 1st prize 1 unit Seed Corn - Jockbrae Farms
  7. Corn Ensilage -10 lbs. Out of silo or bunk, 1st prize 1 unit ensilage corn - Anthony Timmerman General Repair
  8. Grain corn 6 ears on foil plate
  9. Grain Corn -½ bushel on cob, in provided wire basket, 1st prize - 1 unit of corn - McEwen Agricentre
  10. Best ½ bushel sileage corn on cob-basket supplied.
  11. Spring/Fall/Winter Wheat 10 lbs. NAMED
  12. Soybeans - 10lbs - NAMED
  13. Sheaf Oats -NAMED
  14. Sheaf Wheat -NAMED
  15. Sheaf Barley -NAMED
  16. Sheaf Soybean -NAMED

For the exhibitor earning the most points by participating in all classes 401, 402. In the event of a tie, exhibitor who placed prize winning exhibits in most sections will be declared the winner. A keeper plaque will be presented to the winner.
Donated by Dave & Elaine Morrow, Elada Farms, Perth