2017 Perth Fair

Fri Sept 1st - Mon Sept 4th
172nd Anniversary

2016 Junior Classes



This year’s theme - “Rural Routes”

  • Entry forms can be done interactively from the website, www. perthfair.com, open the "GENRAL" form fill it in on the computer, press submit, this will create an email box, press send.
  • Pick the sections you want to enter. You may only enter one item in each section.
  • Fill in the entry form with all the information requested. One name on each entry form – entry forms are available on the website or at the office.
  • Email, mail or bring entry form (not your entry) to the fair office between Aug 1st and Aug 22nd. The Fair office is located on the fairgrounds in the green AGRICON BUILDING. During the month of August someone is usually in the office 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon to Fri. You may put your entries in the mail slot in the door.
  • Tags must be PICKED UP at the office by Aug 26/16. THEY WILL NOT BE MAILED.
  • You must have a tag for each exhibit -- it is best to order a tag for every section you think you might enter. If you do not use all of them, that is okay.
  • Bring your exhibit with the tag attached to the Homecraft building on the fairgrounds on Thursday, September 1st ,between 7:00p.m. & 9:30 p.m. ONLY.
  • Judging will take place Friday, September 2nd , 9:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m.
  • You must pick up your entry(ies) on Monday, September 5th between 4:00 & 5:30 p.m. We will dispose of entries not picked up.
  • Prize money cheques will be mailed to you AFTER the fair.


All entries received in the office August 1 - 22, 2016 will be placed in a draw for 4 - 1 day Admission passes & 10 Midway tickets

Entries on this page require tags

Please note Rules Governing the Perth Fair. They pertain to all classes. Please read them carefully.

  • All exhibits are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • Articles must be new work - not shown before!
  • Grades are based on the grade you are in while attending school in June 2016, not the grade you are going into in September 2016.
  • Please Note: Some events, sections, or classes are subject to change. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Regular Sections: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $ 2.00
Special Sections: 1st $5.00, 2nd $4.00, 3rd $3.00
Extra Special Sections: 1st $10.00, 2nd $6.00, 3rd $ 4.00



  1. Draw a picture of your family, on a paper no larger than 8 ½ X 11”.
  2. Make a paper bag Jack-O-Lantern. Use your imagination to decorate. Mount on  paper plate.
  3. Paint a picture of a chicken using a hand stamp as the body and tail feathers on a paper no larger than 8-1/2" x 11"..
  4. Using pinecones, create a family of no more than 4 owls, mount on a paper plate, use your imagination to embellish.


  1. Penmanship: on an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper print “R” and then “Rural”.

GRADES 1 & 2


  1. Glue seeds to a paper to make a Fall Scene and display on a paper no larger than 12" x 12".
  2. Make a pasta necklace.
  3. Create a farm scene with playdough and mount on a base no larger than 12" x 12".
  4. Draw a piture of your favorite Fall memory on a paper no larger than 8 1/2" x 11".


  1. Penmanship: Print on a paper no larger than 8 ½" x 11" - "Rural Routes"

GRADES 3 & 4


  1. Using dried foods, create and decorate a Gingerbread House, display on a mount no larger than 12" x 12".
  2. Use a cob of corn to make the body of a crocodile. Use your imagination to embellish, mount on a paper plate.
  3. Use your imagination to create an original vehicle out of Lego, display on a mount no larger than 12 x 12”.
  4. Paint a picture of your favorite thing to do in the Town of Perth, on a paper no larger than 12" x 12".


  1. Penmanship: On a piece of paper no larger than 8 1/2 x 11” , print an oiginal verse titled "My Favorite Farm Animal".

GRADES 5 & 6


  1. Create a mosaic style farm scene on a piece of paper no larger than 12" x 12".
  2. Create a barnyard display using materials from nature (eg. sticks, rocks, leaves) and display on a mount no larger than 12 x 12”.
  3. Using photographs, create a collage of your favourite thing (eg. your friends, your pets, or colours, etc.) and dsplay on paper no larger than 12" x 12".
  4. Make a birdhouse with popsicle sticks.


  1. Decorate a glass jar to make a luminary .

GRADES 7 & 8


  1. Paint a picture of your favourite memory on paper no larger than 12" x 12".
  2. Make a dreamcatcher.


  1. In a basket, display homemade Easter eggs.




  1. A Rice Krispie leaf displayed on cardboard no larger than 12 x 12”.

OPEN TO GRADES 2, 3, & 4

  1. A Rice Krispie flower, displayed on cardboard no larger than 12 x 12”.

OPEN TO GRADES 5, 6, 7, & 8

  1. A Rice Krispie hamburger, displayed on a cardboard no larger than 12 x 12”.


We invite you to enter our Perth Fair Poster competition. Entries are to be brought to the Homecraft building between 7:00 p.m. & 9:30 p.m. Thursday Sep 1st. This is your opportunity to create an exciting and imaginative poster. Be sure to include a title. THEME: "Rural Routes"

PRIZE MONEY 1st $20.00, 2nd $16.00, 3rd $12.00, 4th $8.00, 5th $5.00


  1. Ages 6 - 8 Create a poster of "On the Farm".
  2. Ages 9 - 11 Create a poster of "On the Farm".
  3. Ages 12 - 14 Create a poster of "On the Farm".

The entire bristol-board should be coloured. Bristol-board to be CUT TO 22" X 14". Entries will be judged on Friday Sept 2nd and will be displayed at the fair.

Large Vegetables (15 yrs & under)


  1. Giant Onions, judged by weight.
  1. Sunflowers, judged by diamter of head, stem to be cut off at ground level & leaves on lower 3ft removed.
    All sunflowers in 501-3 are automatically entered in Sunflower Special for Tallest Sunflower.
  1. Multi-head sunflower any variety, judged on number of open heads on plant.

  2. Zucchini, judged by weight
  1. Beet, judged by weight
  1. Giant Pumpkin, judged by weight. All pumpkin entries become the property of the sponsor for display purposes.
  1. Any unusually large vegetable other than current categories, must not be crossed with another variety. Judged by comparing to average vegetable of same variety. Judged on quality, good appearance, & size or weight. (Up to judges discretion). Exhibitor must be able to provide information on the variety ie: name, family it belongs to etc.....

Junior Gardeners (15 yrs & under)


  1. Collection of garden vegetables, displayed on or in a container no larger than 24" x 24", judged on quality, number of varieties and arrangement

Vegetable People

Any combination of just vegetables to create a vegetable person. Must be titled (ie: My Grandpa or My Teacher etc.) Judges favourite of vegetable people categories (601-31 and 601-32)

  1. 7 years and under
  2. 8 to 15 years
  3. A Garden Scarecrow, best scarecrow for use in the garden. Not over 7' tall.

Flowers (15 years & under)


  1. Rootin' Tootin' Time  - Create a scene in a small box, no larger than 10", using small plants or cut flowers (roots, a train or other accessories could be used).

Home Baking (15 years & under)


  1. White bread made in a bread machine - 1 loaf. Attach recipe.
  2. 3 Chocolate chip cookies, without nuts. Age 10-15.Winner agrees to compete at District II level Annual Meeting in Oct/Nov 2016. The winners entry from our district competes at the O.A.A.S. convention in Toronto in February 2017.

The following cookies & cupcakes will be judged on decorations only. All decorations must be edible

  1. 3 cookies decorated as barns. Age 9 and younger.
  2. 3 cookies decorated as barns. Age 10-15.
  3. 3 cupcakes decorated as tractors. Age 9 and younger.
  4. 3 cupcakes decorated as tractors. Age 10-15.
  5. Best Lunch Box Snack - homemade squares or bars - 12 years and under only. Made with Robin Hood flour, attach recipe and bar code. www.robinhood.ca

Best junior baker (age 15 & under). Must enter a minimum of 3 classes 702-1 to 702-47 (all other classes will be listed in main prize and website). Please tell us when you bring your baking in if you want to be considered for this prize

Bottled Goods (15 years & Under)


  1. Strawberry Jam (frozen) 250ml jar
  2. Raspberry Jam (frozen) 250ml jar

Young Handicrafts (15 years & Under)

CLASS 705     S.Y.A. = Sample Yarn Attached

  1. Knitted Doll - any size - S.Y.A.
  2. Knitted scarf - S.Y.A.
  3. Knitted belt 2" x 24", using velcro for the fastener - S.Y.A.
  4. Crocheted scarf - S.Y.A.
  5. Crocheted doll dress, to fit a Barbie doll size - S.Y.A.
  6. Any article made from recycled fabric and cans.
  7. A stuffed toy, sewn together.
  8. A purse made from recycled material.
  9. A puppet made from men's work socks - eyes, nose, ears and tongue sewn on.
  10. A flag from the Perth Military Settlement, sewn.

Junior Hobby Crafts (15 years & Under)


  1. "I Made it!" - With duct tape - Ages 10 and under
  2. "I Made it!" - With duct tape - Ages 11 to 15
  3. Handmade Birthday card - Ages 10 and under
  4. Handmade Birthday card, using card making and/or scrapbooking materials - Ages 11 to 15.
  5. Log house made from lincoln logs or other natural materials. No larger than 12" in any direction.
  6. Hand drawn antique on 8-1/2" x 11" sheet - may be coloured or decorated - Ages 10 and under.
  7. Hand drawn antique on 8-1/2" x 11" sheet - may be coloured or decorated - Ages 11 to 15.
  8. Wrapped gift, reflective of the 19th century. Preference given to originality. Not larger than 12" in any direction.
  9. Decorated container (could be a can, jar or vase) using items available from yesteryear (early 1900's).

Junior Photographers (15 years & Under)


  1. Kids Having Fun - Pictures can be up to 5" x 7" and MUST have 1" (2.5cm) WHITE border around the image using materials such as bristol-board or construction paper, therefore a 5" x 7" photo will total 7" x 9".

Junior Woodworkers (15 years & Under)

CLASS 708 - No entry larger than approximately 24" long x 12" wide x 34" high.

  1. Any wooden article - 8 years and under
  2. Any wooden article - 9 years to 12 years of age
  3. Any wooden article - 13 years to 15 years of age