2018 Perth Fair

Fri Aug 31st - Mon Sept 3rd
173rd Anniversary

2018 Family Fun Riding Show

Western Sand Ring
9 a.m. Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

Contact: Kristyn Knapp 613-200-1007, Email kk66_@hotmail.com

To register on-line for this event, go to https://www.assistexpo.ca/perthfair


  • Please note Rules Governing the Perth Fair, and Horse Show Rules. They apply to all classes.
  • Warm-up for jumping classes start at 8am in the main show ring.
  • Entries received to the Fair office before August 25, 2018 will be $5 per class for classes 1-15. Entries received the day of the show for these classes will be subject to a $2 late entry fee per class ($7 total/class). All Games classes will be $2 per entry.
  • Proof of minimum $1 million liability is required with entries.
  • Proper riding attire for the class required. Helmets are required for all competitors 18 & under. Recommended for all riders regardless of age. Please incorporate your riding helmet into your costume if entered into costume class.
  • Please notify the Show Committee if you require a tack change before the preceding class commences.
  • Please be prompt to the ring when your class is called.
  • Horses or ponies may enter any class. Stallions are not permitted.
  • Numbers will be allotted the day of the show. A $2 deposit is required and will be refunded when the number is returned.
  • Lead line entrants are not permitted to ride in other classes except the Games at the end of the show.

Class Age Categories:

Senior: 18 & over
Youth: 12-17
Junior: 11 & under
Open: All ages

Prize Money: 1st $15, 2nd $12, 3rd $10, 4th $8, Ribbons to 5th

Class 2001:


1A. Hunter over fences - Cross rails (12 years & under)  

1B. Hunter over fences - 2'  

1C. Hunter over fences - 2'6"  

2A. Hunter Equitation over fences - Cross rails (12 years & under)  

2B. Hunter Equitation over fences - 2'  

2C. Hunter Equitation over fences - 2'6"  

3A. Hunter Under Saddle - Junior  

3B. Hunter Under Saddle - Senior  

4A. Hunter equitation on the flat - Junior  

4B. Hunter equitation on the flat - Senior  

5A. Western Pleasure - Junior  

5B. Western Pleasure - Senior  

6A. Western Equitation on the Flat - Junior  

6B. Western Equitation on the Flat - Senior  

7A. Western Equitation - walk/jog  

7B. Western Equitation - walk/jog/lope  

8A. Command - Junior  

8B. Command - Senior  

9. Lead line - Ages 10 & under.  

10. Walk/Trot/Jog - 12 years & Under (English or Western)  

Judged as an equitation class

11. Pairs – Open (2 riders, w/t-j, English or Western)  

12. Costume – Open (lead line permitted)  

Helmets required for riders 18 & under. Handlers are welcome. Judged at the walk.


  • All games are to be ridden at a trot only, except 19.
  • 2 Divisions: A) 15 & over, B) 14 & under
  • $2 per class entry, winner gets all the entry money

13A. Musical Chairs (Walk/trot) - Junior

13B. Musical Chairs (Walk/trot) - Senior

14A. Egg & Spoon Race (Walk/trot) - Junior

14B. Egg & Spoon Race (Walk/trot) - Senior

15A. Water Race - Junior

15B. Water Race - Senior

16A. Relay race (teams of 2, timed) - Walk/trot

16B. Relay race (teams of 2, timed) - Walk/trot/canter

17A. Ride a buck - walk/trot

17B. Ride a buck (bareback, may be required to lope/canter) - walk/trot/canter/lope