2017 Perth Fair

Fri Sept 1st - Mon Sept 4th
172nd Anniversary

2016 Cowboy Obstacle Race

Light Horse Ring - Sunday September 4, 2016 1:00 pm

Information: Mary Ellen McLellan 613-283-1927 Email: cowgirlm1@yahoo.com

Regular entries taken the day of the competition from 11:00 - 12p.m. Proof of $1 million liability and Perth Fair $10.00 membership required with entries. Anyone entering the fairgrounds is requird to pay non-refundable admission fees.

The fastest growing horse sport is at the Perth Fair! A combination of extreme trail obstacles and speed, this event is as fun to watch as it is to participate. Courses are set different for each class, practice makes perfect, and a cheering crowd makes everyone ride harder, come and check it out!

Our events are aligned with the standard of the Ontario Xtreme Cowboy an affiliate of the Extreme Cowboy Association.

Junior 10 yrs & under $10 30, 25, 20, 15, 10
Youth 11-18 yrs $15 35, 30, 25, 20, 15
Senior 19 yrs & older $25 90, 75, 60, 45, 30


  1. All riders are expected to compete within their capabilities.
  2. Traditional Western or Australian tack is acceptable.
  3. Order of go will be drawn fifteen (15) minutes before the competition starts.
  4. This event is a timed & judged race: a) There will be bonus points awarded to each competitor who completed the race in under 8 minutes (480 seconds). The points are calculated using the following table: 480 - (time in seconds) x 0.07. If a rider takes longer than 8 minutes there will be no bonus awarded, but no disqualification.  b) Points will be awarded for each obstacle on a scale of 1-10 based on the horse`s attitude, the rider`s horsemanship and the ability to complete the obstacle. c) Points will be awarded for overall horsemanship on a scale of 1-10.
  5. Contestants are required to compete each obstacle within a thirty (30) second time limit, or they will be directed to the next obstacle by the judge.
  6. Any rider who falls off their horse during the race will have one (1) minute to catch & remount without any assistance. If the horse leaves the perimeter of the ring, the rider will be disqualified.
  7. There will be a walk through of the course for contestants (only) with the judge prior to the start of the race. The course will be explained and riders may ask questions regarding the course at this time. There will be no horses allowed in the ring at this time. There is no opportunity to practise the obstacles.
  8. Any outside distractions, such as spectators, animals, vehicles, noises, etc., will be considered part of the course and each rider must understand that this is considered `the luck of the draw`.
  9. At the judge`s discretion, a rider may be issued a re-ride should an outside distraction from beyond the course be so great as to inhibit the rider from having a fair opportunity to compete. Re-rides will be received at the end of the qualifying round.
  10. Off course will result in a disqualification. A rider is off course if they miss an obstacle, complete the next obstacle and go back to the missed obstacle (ie: do 1,2,3, miss 4, do 5 and go back to and begin attempting 4).
  11. Judges and ring crew will not be allowed to give direction to the rider. It is permitted by the audience, but excessive coaching ( ie: repeatedly telling the rider which obstacle to go to next and/or how to execute them) is discouraged. It is the riders responsibility to know the course. It is allowed for a parent of designate to be in the ring with a Junior rider for safety, not coaching.
  12. Proper riding attire is required, suited to the tack used; riders aged 18 & under MUST wear an approved riding helmet. Traditional western attire is a button up shirt, jeans, heeled boots and a cowboy hat. All competitors are encouraged to wear an approved riding helmet.
  13. There shall be no mechanical hackamores or tie downs, nosebands or cavessons. The judge will evaluate each horses tack as it enters the ring. No modifications can be made to tack to aid in the competition of the course. No crops, whips or over-and-unders are permitted. There are no age rules for bits. It is acceptable to ride without a bridle or bareback.
  14. All riders will accept the judge`s decision as final, & are not subject to appeal.
  15. There will be an official timer and back up timer. The timer`s records are final and may not be contested . Should all timers fail, the rider will be issued a re-ride at the end of the round.
  16. There will be 10 obstacles in the Junior class, 13 obstacles in the Youth and Seniors class. 
  17. Any breed of horse or pony is permitted; no stallions may be ridden by anyone under the age of 18.
  18. Mistreatment of any horse or pony is not permitted; failure to comply with the result in disqualification. Any horse determined to be lame at the time of competition will be disqualified.