2017 Perth Fair

Fri Sept 1st - Mon Sept 4th
172nd Anniversary

2016 Antique Tractor Pull 1960 & Older

TRACK - Saturday September 3, 2016 - 11 am

INFORMATION: John Noonan 613-267-1261, Jim Whyte 613-340-6605, Paul Cameron 613-267-7695

REGISTRATION: $10 per tractor, per class

PRIZE MONEY - 1st $40.00, 2nd $30.00, 3rd $25.00
OPEN - 1st $110.00, 2nd $80.00, 3rd $50.00

CLASSES - Weight
Up to 3,500 lbs - 3,500 to 4,500 lbs - Up to 5,500 lbs - Up to 6,500 lbs - Up to 7,500 lbs - Up to 8,500 lbs - Up to 10,500 lbs - Up to 12,500 lbs - OPEN

  1. 1st and 2nd place can pull in next class.
  2. NO MORE than two classes per tractor.
  3. NO MORE than two sets of factory weights.
  4. No four-wheel drive or dual wheeled tractors shall compete against a two-wheel drive tractor.
  5. Tractor draw bar height is 20" from the top of the hitching device to the ground.
  6. Stock tractor with turbo charger may pull in all stock tractor classes, as long as the turbo charger is/was factory warranted with the tractor.
  7. NO LOAD, HIGH IDLE, as read on tachometer, all classes.
  8. Tractor exhaust systems with no mufflers must be pointed away from the crowd.
  9. Stock tractors must have a hood, floor boards, a grill, fenders, a sweat and may be stock appearing. Engines must be stock.
  10. All operators are to remain seated during the pull and follow the instructions of the track officials.